A multiple clipboad utility for text and images which gives you different workareas. You get upto 4 different clipboards each for storing text and images (total of 8). You can either leave it running in the taskbar notification area, or run it on top of other windows. You can also preview what each clipboard contains visually.

This is a good example of using the Windows API Clipboard functions and Taskbar Notification Area functions from Visual Basic. If you want more than 4 clipboards, you can modify the source code.

Suggestion: Put a shortcut of this in your startup.

    Multiclip running over other windows. You can see the preview of the text stored in the 2nd clipboard in this screenshot.  
  Click on the image for a bigger screenshot.      
Source Code (GPL)
Full installation/setup program with VB6 runtimes.
Compiled Binary, without VB6 runtimes.
You need the VB6 runtime to run this application. Pls. check the homepage for a link to the runtime.