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WebNews Package

The WebNews is a java package is designed to pick-up information from different sources and combine them into a single source (xml) from which that data can be transformed into other formats such as HTML for presentation on the web.

The software is made by standard java servlets, and outputs XML files. If you would need display HTML from the XML files, try apache's cocoon. You don't need a XML parser to run this app.

The software in work in progress, and needs rework, but currently has a nice Utility class. A sample function to extract information from is included.

The program is released under the GPL. Download it now.

To test the program, invoke the WebNews servlet.. e.g. http://localhost:80/servlet/WebNews

Download a sample XML generated from this program, and it's XSL file. (right-click and save, it will not run online).

For suggestions and help, pls contact