Mass Url Generator


This application generates URLs for downloading sets of files. The output is a Getright download file, which can be imported into Getright for mass downloading.


This shows the main window of the application. You can see the different options available, and the preview of the generated Getright file.


Click on the image for a bigger screenshot.

Let's say we want to download images from where the files are photo001.jpg till photo200.jpg.

We need to now break the complete URL into 3 parts:

Part 1 - The 'string' before the changing number.

Part 2 - The changing number.

Part 3 - The part after the changing number.

So in this example:

Part 1 = ''. Enter this in the Url First Part, without quotes.

Part 2 = Explained below.

Part 3 = '.jpg' .Enter this in the Url Last Part, without quotes.

The part 2 is the changing/dynamic part which in this case changes from 001 to 200. Enter 1 in Start No and 200 in End No. Since the total width of the 'number part' is 3 (since 001 has 3 chars), choose 3 in No. Width. Click Preview and see if the output is correct in the preview window.

Click Save to save the output as a Getright(.grx) download file. Double click this file to import the files into Getright.

Tip1 : Try experimenting with the No. Width, to get the file names right.



Getright Users:

You may experience problems with Getright. This is because some web sites don't allow you to download files directly using download managers like Getright.

Try changing the following settings in Getright Configuration, in Advanced->Protocols.

1. Set the User Agent to "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98)" from the drop down. This fools the web site into believing that you are using Internet Explorer 5.0, instead of Getright.

2. Select 'Send referer in HTTP Requests', and choose 'Generated from the download URL'. This fools the web site into believing that somebody clicked through from their own web site.

I have Getright 4.5 Beta 5.

Source Code (GPL)
Compiled Binary
You need the VB6 runtime to run this application. Pls. check the homepage for a link to the runtime.


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