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This is a Splash theme manager to install and manage KDE Splash Screens. It lets you select a downloaded tar.gz, tgz or zip file, and installs it in the correct directory. You can also preview and test the splash theme before installing, and without logging out/logging in.



Download KSplashInstaller 0.2 (KDE 3 only)
Download KSplashInstaller 0.1 (KDE 2) to install do this as usual
make install


2002-04-29  Balaji Srinivasan 

	* Added support for more types of splash files:
		- Files with one splash.
		- Files with one splash, but in a subdir.
		- Files with multiple splashes, each in it's own subdir.
	* Changed where cache files are stored from $HOME/TestSplashInstaller/ to
	* Minor fixes
	* Version 0.2

2002-04-26  Josue Irizarry  

	* Change QFileDialog for KFileDialog
	* Add Help Menu
	* Port to KDE 3.0
	* Add Description, Author in the Help menu
	* Version 0.1.1

2002-04-25  Balaji Srinivasan 

	* Version 0.1 Initial Release