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Welcome to the VinylRecord home page. Vinylrecord loves music, games and programming, and lives in New Delhi.
You can find misc. stuff created by Vinylrecord here.
You can get in touch at vinylrecord_at_yahoo_dot_com for feedback, suggestions etc.



The Autoform lets you login automatically to selected websites. Once you've configured the software, by running a wizard, all sites are accessible by a simple right-click on the taskbar near the clock. You can bypass all home pages, login screens, nag screens and advertisements on the login page.

You can use Autoform in an Intranet environment to provide Integrated Authentication services. If all your applications on the Intranet are web based, you can tie in all associated logins and passwords to _one_ Windows NT or 2000 domain account. When you login to your computer using your Windows NT or 2000 account, Autoform restores all your applications.

If you use Autoform on a computer running Windows 95, 98 or ME, you can use different profiles for different users, without logging in to a NT/2000 domain.


The WebNews is a java package is designed to pick-up information from different sources and combine them into a single source (xml) from which that data can be transformed into other formats such as HTML for presentation on the web.

The software is made by standard java servlets, and outputs XML files. If you would need display HTML from the XML files, try apache's cocoon. You don't need a XML parser to run this app.

The software in work in progress, and needs rework, but currently has a nice Utility class. A sample function to extract information from is included.


A multiple clipboad utility for text and images which gives you different workareas. Put a shortcut of this in your startup.
Click here for a screenshot.

BButton ActiveX Control

This is an alternative to the default VB6 command button. I had to make this control because a client wanted a fancier interface. This control lets you create command buttons in different shapes. It also allows you to set an alternate color when the button is clicked. This control also does not get a focus rectangle (which sometimes makes interfaces look ugly).

MP3 Filename Converter

This changes the filenames of mp3 files so that you can sort them in Winamp, according to the directories in ehich they are stored.
This is much_ faster than loading all the tags!

Digital Clock

The digital clock replaces the boring clock in the system tray. Right click on the clock to see color options.

ASP Code Documenter

This utility is used to document ASP files for a web project. You insert comments in your code, and this can automatically extract them and provide technical documentation.
Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime
Click here to find the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime. If you've downloaded Autoform or Multiclip, you already have the VB6 runtime. You should also be able to find them in most cdroms which come with computer magazines.
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