MP3 Filename Converter

  This application changes the filenames of mp3 files so that you can sort them in Winamp, according to the directories in which they are stored. This is much faster than loading all the tags.

This shows the main window of the application. You can see the list of files, and the different options available.


Click on the image for a bigger screenshot.
The 'Root Folder' is the root folder where all your mp3 are stored. Mp3s should be stored under it's sub-folders. If you have more than 1 root folder, just run the program twice.

The 'Attach' option changes the filenames of the MP3s to add folder info.
The 'Remove' option removes and restores the original filenames.
The 'None' option is used when you want to only correct the case information.

To add files, just drag and drop the files or folders which contain the mp3s.

Source Code (GPL)
Compiled Binary
You need the VB6 runtime to run this application. Pls. check the homepage for a link to the runtime.


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