BButton ActiveX Control

  This is an alternative to the default VB6 command button. I had to make this control because a client wanted a fancier interface. This control lets you create command buttons in different shapes. It also allows you to set an alternate color when the button is clicked. This control also does not get a focus rectangle (which sometimes makes interfaces look ugly).

This shows the different kind of buttons that can be created with BButton. Note that the default buttons that come with Visual Basic can't be created in different shapes. The ellipse is rather cool.


Click on the image for a bigger screenshot.
Register the bbutton.ocx file using the command:
regsvr32 "X:\My Download Path\bbutton.ocx"
From within Visual Basic, go to Project->Components.
  Add the 'Button ActiveX Control' (check the box against it, and click OK).  
  4.   You should see a new 'Button Control' object in the toolbox.  
  5.   Select it and draw on a form.  
  6.   Now set the Button_Type property to one of the following:  
      0 - Rectangle
1 - Square
2 - Ellipse/Oval
3 - Circle
4 - Rounded Rectangle
5 - Rounded Square
  7.   Now set the Highlight_Color property. This will be the color of the Caption when the button is clicked.  
Source Code (GPL)
Compiled Binary
You need the VB6 runtime to run this application. Pls. check the homepage for a link to the runtime.


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