Autoform is now open source!

Autoform lets you login to different sites based on a single login/password. It is a client-side alternative to Microsoft's Passport and Sun's forthcoming similar technology.

Autoform lets you login automatically to selected websites. Once you've configured the software, by running a wizard, all sites are accessible by a simple right-click on the taskbar near the clock. You can bypass all home pages, login screens, nag screens and advertisements on the login page.


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You can use Autoform in an Intranet environment to provide Integrated Authentication services. If all your applications on the Intranet are web based, you can tie in all associated logins and passwords to _one_ Windows NT or 2000 domain account. When you login to your computer using your Windows NT or 2000 account, Autoform restores all your applications.


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If you use Autoform on a computer running Windows 95, 98 or ME, you can use different profiles for different users, without logging in to a NT/2000 domain.


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To do...
- Add the ability to join 2 or more bookmarks so that they can use the same browser window, instead of launching a new one everytime.
e.g. This can be used to first login to a site, and then perform a search within it.

- Add the ability to mark selected parameters as promptable. When the bookmark is clicked, the parameters will be asked, and they will be passed to the browser. This will effectively make Autoform programmable.
e.g. This can be used for creating front-ends to search engines; prompt for the search criteria, and pass it to the engine.
e.g. This can be used to prompt for a password to login everytime, instead of storing it.

- Add the ability to automatically check for versions every 2 weeks (done).

- Add the ability to add bookmarks for Basic Authentication sites (done..experimental).

- Add predefined templates to commonly used websites.


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