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What is Autoform?


Autoform lets you login to different sites based on a single login/password. It is a client-side alternative to Microsoft's Passport and Sun's forthcoming similar technology.


Why another technology, when I already have a Passport logon?


Microsoft and Sun technology is based on alliances between web sites who agree to tied up with either vendor. Autoform is independent of which server-side technology your favorite site uses, and works with all web sites _today_. You don't need to wait for your favorite websites to convert to either technology.

Even better you can integrate Autoform with your Windows login today, just like Microsoft Passport would, when it's finally released.


How secure is my information?

Autoform sends _NO_ personal data to anyone. At no point any information is sent even if you are unregistered, trying to check for updates etc. All your information is stored in an encrypted format on your physical computer.


Will it work from within my corporate firewall, and through my personal proxy/firewall?


Yes, as long as your Internet Explorer browser is configured correctly.


How fast is it? Will it slow down my computer?


Autoform just sits in the system tray and consumes 0% CPU time. It triggers into action when you choose a site to logon, and returns back to hibernation.


When will it be available for other client platforms?


Research is on to port it to Linux, under an open-source license. Pls. volunteer to help us port it, as we are new to linux programming. Currently we are contemplating to create it as a KPart for the Konqueror web browser on KDE.


Is it free? What features are disabled in the free version?


Yes it is free for home and educational use. There is only one version of the software, in which all features are fully enabled. Commercial and governmental agencies must register, although no features are disabled.


How much does a commercial license cost?


The commercial license is for a site and costs $50. This allows all computers in this site to install any no. of copies.


How can I help/contribute to make it better?


We are always looking for friends to help make any software better. If you want to join us in making this better, drop us a line with suggestions, feedback and any criticism.

If you want to make donations, pls. go to and click on 'buy now' under the Autoform section. Thank you.