1. Setup

Run the setup.exe to install the software. If you want Autoform to run everytime you login, create a shortcut in the Startup folder. THis is especially useful if you're using Integrated Authentication.
When you run Autoform for the first time, it prompts you with a configuration window. See the Config section of this file for more details.

2. Upgrade

You can upgrade Autoform by downloading and applying patches. Downloading the patch is also substantially faster in terms of bandwidth.

If you are running the patch, overwrite the existing Autoform.exe with the new Autoform.exe. If you did a default installation, this can be found at C:\Program Files\Autoform\ folder. If you get a write error, that means Autoform is still running..close it first before you try to overwrite.

If you are running the full upgrade, uninstall the previous version, and the install the new version. Uninstalling will _not_ remove the profiles settings or bookmarks. When you install the new version,

3. Config

You can choose between using Profiles and Integrated Authentication.
You can setup different usernames and passwords, each with their own bookmarks. Using profiles isolates the bookmarks of different users. This is usually ideal for home usage.
Recommended for Windows 95, 98 and Windows ME.

Integrated Authentication:
Integrated Authentication ties up with the Windows user login (usually to a domain), and uses that to authenticate the user. A seperate login and password is not required in this case. A user logging-in with a different username to Windows, _cannot_ see your bookmarks.

This is especially useful if you're on a corporate network, and you have to login with your personal userid to your machine anyway. If you need additional security when you are away from your desk, use any screensaver with a password.
Recommended for Windows NT and Windows 2000 on a network.

4. Using

Once you've logged in, you need to to set up your bookmarks.

4.1. Add Bookmarks
* Right-click on the Autoform icon in the taskbar notification area (near the clock), choose Settings->New Bookmark. A wizard will popup.
* Type the URL/Address for website or homepage. Click next to continue o Step 2.
* You will see the homepage in the window below (for the LAST TIME, yes....!:)). Now login as you normally do. As soon as you've logged in. click Next to Step 3. Give a name for the bookmark. Click on Finish. The window will dissapear. You sucessfully added a bookmark. Go have some coffee.
Tip: You can maximise the screen to see more of the page.

4.2 Using Bookmarks
Right-click on the Autoform icon in the taskbar. You should see the name that you just typed as a menu item. Click on it to directly go the site. Notice that you're not prompted for a password again. Yipeeee!

4.3 Editing Bookmarks
[This section is for advanced users only!]
In the Settings menu, click the Edit Bookmarks menu item. You can see all the bookmarks in the drop down. Choose a bookmark name. You should see all the parameters that are being sent to the web site by the browser. You can change a value by selecting the cell, and pressing F2. Click save to update your changes.

4.4 Prompting for fields
You can choose fields which you want to be prompted when you click on a bookmark. Click on Edit bookmarks, and choose a bookmark. Select the field which you want to be prompted. Save. See SearchEngine.txt for an example.

5. Uninstall

You can uninstall this program from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
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