ASP Code Documenter - Now open source!

  This utility is used to document ASP and Visual Basic projects. You insert comments in your code, and this can automatically extract them and provide technical documentation.
The source needs to be commented using guidelines, similar to java standards (see guidelines document below).

This software has been used in live projects, to create technical documentation and do Quality Checks.


This is the main screen. You can see the source code in the top pane, and the generated documentation in the bottom pane.


Click on the image for a bigger screenshot.
    This shows the file list window, for batch processing. You can drag and drop the root directory of the project, and batch process. ASP Documentor will automatically create a index file, so that you can browse through the cource code. It will also create a duplicate directory structure that mimics the storage of the actual code, and store documentaion within that structure.  
  Click on the image for a bigger screenshot.      
Download this file to see an example source code. The extension of the file is asp1, so that the web server does not execute the file. Pls. rename to asp before running it through the ASP Code Documentor.
Download this file to see the corresponding generated documentation.
Source Code (GPL)
ASPCode Documenter 2.0.5
Compiled Binary, without VB6 runtimes.
Documentation Guidelines
  VB - ASP Coding Standards1.rtf  
You need the VB6 runtime to run this application. Pls. check the homepage for a link to the runtime.



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